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Here to Guide, Inspire and Support

Meet Our Instructors

Everyday our teachers create opportunities for exploration and learning by establishing engaging environments where students feel safe, comfortable, and confident. We have amazing instructors who are caring, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping students exceed their every expectation - read some of their stories below.

Megan Shawver

MCO Paraeducator

Education: B.A. of Science (Early Elementary Pre K-4) Minor in Special Ed. from Lock Haven University.

Interests: Sports, reading, crafts

Family: Married to Kyle with 2 daughters and 2 dogs.

Chris Gill

Alpha Program Supervisor

MCO Program Coordinator

OnTrack Program Coordinator

Education: B.A. in Sociology and B.S. in Secondary Education from Penn State University.  M.S. in Educational Development and Strategies and M.S. in Educational Leadership from Wilkes University

Experience:  3 years in Educational Administration, 20 years in teaching

Interests:  History, educational technology, traveling, reading

Family:  Married to Tona Williams with two sons, 2 dogs, and more than 2 cats 

Mykeshia Weaver

MCO Teacher

Education: B.A. of Science (Elementary Education K-6) and Minor in Health and Human Development from Penn State University. M.S. in Educational Development and Strategies from Wilkes University.

Experience: 18 years of teaching

Interests: traveling, sports

Family: Married to Matt with 1 son and 2 cats

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